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T H E   P R O J E C T

The Project Art@Heart - Social Handcraft Experience is a strategic partnership to support the innovation of the adult Education branch, created and projected to answer at the extraordinary call “Strategic partnerships created to answer at the health emergency COVID-19”.

The partnership is made up of Associazione Atelier degli Artigianelli (italia) as project leader, LAO Le Arti Orafe (Italia), Fondazione Spazio Reale (Italia), Escuela de Arte 3 (Spagna) and PIKC Liepajas Muzikas, makslas un dizaina vidusskola (Lettonia). projects


The health emergency due to the pandemic of COVID-19 has harshly damaged the cultural and creative sectors and has restricted the way the people relate to each other.

This project wants to improve the growth of skills and expertise that strengthen the creativity, promote the quality and innovation and support the adult’s creative potential, contributing to the resilience of the cultural and creative sectors. The project will reinforce the social inclusion through the arts, promoting innovative approach based on the intercultural and participative dialogue that relate education, training and the organization of cultural and creative sectors.

The project has the aim to develop innovative results and promote the spread of the good practice to realize non formal training laboratories of artistic crafts, testing new distances manners (MOOC) on a subject, the artisan one, mark out instead of the modality purely in presence. The project also seeks to support the development of key skills and the knowledge of self-entrepreneurship.

The project is intended to 10 adults for each organized laboratory by partners. If the participants were different from each other, we could consider that the total number of beneficiaries could reach 120, since the project involves the realization of 4 workshops organized by the lead partner, 4 by LAO, 2 by the Spanish partner and 2 by the Latvian partner. However, this is not to be considered a certain fact as some participants may decide to attend several different workshops.

The specific targets that the project wants to reach are:

  • the exchange of the good practices between the project partners regarding the ways of remote transmission of knowledge and skills;

  • fulfillment of the guide lines for the planning of the practical learning opportunity in presence, or at distance, regarding the artistic craft topic; creation of practical training laboratories of artistic craft (blended way) in Italy, Spain and Latvia;

  • invention of a MOOC form dedicated to self-entrepreneurship (multilingual, available to all the participants – with an open source issue available to a wide public);

  • research and development of key competences, such as linguistics and digitals for adults, through webinars;

  • promotion and organization of the artistic and cultural activities.

This project wants to offer to the attendees the possibility to develop their own skills, increase the knowledge and develop the use of the TIC, encourage the learning of knowledge and the expertise for the personal progression in order to have a greater social inclusion, by a series of artistic laboratories in presence or at a distance.

All these activities will have the purpose to enhance the participants’ curricula useful in the job market.

The project also plans to raise the following impressions on the indirect recipient and on the communities:

  • Promote and encourage the creativity.

  • Offer social inclusion paths through the artistic expression.

  • Promote the continuous learning for adults while promoting the access to improvement skills paths.

  • Enhance the growth of ability and competence.

  • Support the use of digital devises, especially for adults (non digital native)

  • Raise the talent and promote the culture of the self-entrepreneurship.

  • Promote and examine in depth applied methodologies and techniques of non formal training, in presence and at a distance, in the artistic craft sphere.

  • Support transnational partnership.

  • Promote models and instruments to impart knowledges in remote modality.

  • Promote and organize artistic and cultural activities.

  • Support the progression of cultural and creative sectors.

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